SYMA X5C – 5.8ghz FPV Mod – Poorman’s FPV Platform






After few flights, I really impressed from the outdoor performance of X5C.
The range is still a problem after Transmitter Antenna Hack but enough for small fields and short range video transmitters.

Fortunately, I found a lot of cheap low res. cameras and video transmitter modules in my boxes. And a switching step-up voltage supply to stabilize the input voltage.


After first tests, I realized the direct battery connection is impossible for X5C because of very high noise ratio by brushed motors.  So, I removed the step-up converter and isolated the FPV circuit with an additional battery.

Camera has connected to 5.8ghz 100mW video transmitter module. Also I found a big tantalum capacitor and soldered it to the power inputs of the module.

I used 27mm long a piece of silicon battery wire as whip antenna.



There is perfect space for the camera  in front of battery compartment. I cut the hole with exacto knife and glued the camera there with contact adhesive.  The contact adhesives are better than CA or epoxy for this kind of soft and vibrating frames.



I found some small 120mA 1S lipo batteries and connectors. This battery is perfect for ~20 minutes FPV and weight is only few grams.
I used the ventilation holes of the frame for battery cables and antenna.


Woow! it looks like a real drone :)





As you can see, I removed the original digital camera of X5C from battery door.
After few FPV flight I realized, the camera weight is not changing the flight time.
So, I attached the digital camera to record FPV flights.

Good thing about that, The Quadrocopter is only 100gr with Digital camera recorder + FPV gear.
So, You can not hurt anyone with it.  And it is almost  indestructible.

What is next ?
I’m thinking about it, may be I will replace the flight controller with APM auto pilot. 😉



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