DIY – BB8 Starwars Droid build guide – Day 1 – the Idea


Hi Everyone,

As you may know, we will meet with a new droid that called BB8 in the Starwars – The Force Avakens movie.
The robot is looking amazing! And also I’m interesting with sphere robots since years. So, I will build a replica of BB8 and will share all details in this page.

At first meet with BB8

the design is fimilar, It is a sphere robot but the head???
If I right, the head is a big foam object and very lightweight and floating on the surface with internal magnets and a pan tilt mechanism.
Not a big engineering job, but impressive.

Unfortunately I don’t have big budget for 1/1 . So I will build 20cm diameter replica of BB8.

At first I ordered 20cm diameter plastic spheres from this web site.
Only £10.50 each.


I found these omnidirectional wheels on the rapidonline.
They are relatively cheap and small omni wheels for my robot design but unfortunately nearly impossible to fit into the 20cm diameter sphere. So, maybe I should order bigger spheres :/


Now, I’m waiting for electric motor and wheels.
Thank you for reading

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