Central hub designed and 3D printed from ABS plastic.

the motors have connected together for basic proof of concept test.
I didn’t designed a controller and motor driver yet and used motor driver circuit of a RC servo. This is the simples way to drive an electric motor via rc receiver.


The battery pack attached with bluetack adhesive putty.



RC Receiver attached with rubber bands










Now it’s ready to test

Great success for the first time!
It has some balance problems and also micro size servo motor drivers almost burned after 10 minutes play, but not bad for the first time.


You can find all BB8 Build Log Posts under this link

Hi Eveyone,

Today I have tried to install a DroneThermal thermal camera to my  X5C and I faced with a power problem for my FPV gear. The quadrocopter body has a lot of small screws and I don’t want to open it for only a power connection. So the camera was better option.

At first I have removed the camera from battery hatch.



the camera is really small and well designed. I like it.




I have soldered an old servo cable as power cord(signal wire stripped off)




then assembled the parts.





That’s all. Now I have a battery extension for my FPV gears.

What is next?
Visit 5.8Ghz FPV Modification page  for my Poorman’s FPV Platform.


Hi Everyone,

As you may know, we will meet with a new droid that called BB8 in the Starwars – The Force Avakens movie.
The robot is looking amazing! And also I’m interesting with sphere robots since years. So, I will build a replica of BB8 and will share all details in this page.

At first meet with BB8

the design is fimilar, It is a sphere robot but the head???
If I right, the head is a big foam object and very lightweight and floating on the surface with internal magnets and a pan tilt mechanism.
Not a big engineering job, but impressive.

Unfortunately I don’t have big budget for 1/1 . So I will build 20cm diameter replica of BB8.

At first I ordered 20cm diameter plastic spheres from this web site.
Only £10.50 each.


I found these omnidirectional wheels on the rapidonline.
They are relatively cheap and small omni wheels for my robot design but unfortunately nearly impossible to fit into the 20cm diameter sphere. So, maybe I should order bigger spheres :/


Now, I’m waiting for electric motor and wheels.
Thank you for reading

You can find all BB8 Build Log Posts under this link